May 23, 2011

Game 32 - "For a has-been, Eddie Plank is a wonder"

May 23, 1911
Philadelphia 9, Cleveland 1

Today Cleveland fields a lineup that’s missing all of their good players, and predictable results ensue. From Sporting Life: “Demott was knocked out of the box, while Mitchell, who succeeded him, was wild. Plank was effective throughout. The Cleveland team presented a crippled line-up with Lajoie, Turner, Griggs, and Jackson out of the game, necessitating the playing of a pitcher in centre field.”

The Toledo News quipped, "For a has-been, Eddie Plank has been a wonder." Not sure where this reputation came from, as he's been consistently good (even though he is no longer pitching at his peak) up through his mid-30s. His W-L record had been down the last few years, despite good ERAs and peripheral stats, and in those days, pitcher records were pretty much the beginning and end of the conversation, so I guess that's where it comes from.

Since returning to the lineup as a regular five games ago, Bris Lord, “the Human Eyeball”, has gone 12-for-21, including a 4-for-5 game with three runs today (there’s a typo in the box score as both Lord and Baker are listed as “3b.” Lord should be listed as the left fielder).

The Mackmen have won their last four by margins of 2, 4, 6, and today 8 runs since dropping six straight games against the White Sox and Tigers. They’re starting to look like a championship team again.

Even better, with today’s win, they jump into second place in the AL. Ok, so it’s a three-way tie with the White Sox and Red Sox, but it’s the highest they’ve been in the standings all season. They’re 9 games behind the Tigers. They play two more against the Naps before returning to Philadelphia.

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